Streaming just got easier

CML Telephone Cooperative Association, as an authorized DIRECTV dealer, now offers DIRECTV STREAM℠.


Service is our job – Excellence is our goal

Welcome to C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association

The C-M-L Telephone Cooperative is headquartered in the community of Meriden, in Cherokee County of northwest Iowa. It is member owned and serves the communities of Cleghorn, Larrabee, Meriden, and businesses, plus select residential areas, in Cherokee in Cherokee County and Archer in O’Brien County. Along with these communities, it also serves approximately 225 square miles of rural Cherokee and O’Brien counties. Our business is Communications Services and we intend to provide those services to our customers the way our customers want them — State of the Art and at affordable rates.

C-M-L Telephone continually strives to provide the most current, technologically-advanced services. We are proud to provide outstanding customer service, technical capabilities, knowledgeable personnel and exceptional services. We are a small company with big advantages. We offer first-rate support and service to businesses and residential properties of all sizes.

Are we in your neighborhood?

Use the map below to see if you can receive service from C-M-L Telephone Cooperative. If your home or business is in the blue shaded area, we can provide our services to you!

Our Technology

To match our community’s progress and meet its growing needs for the latest in technology, our Cooperative has installed a fiber optics network, also known as Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Because Fiber uses light instead of electricity to transmit data, the frequencies that are used are much higher and the data capacity is much higher than copper cables. Since fiber strands are made of glass or plastic instead of metal, it allows data/video to flow over great distances. Fiber offers many new possibilities for communication services, such as more reliable and faster internet speeds, and quality Video services. We are excited to have the latest technology, and to bring light into YOUR life!

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